The Fairfield Community Center is largely successful due to the active
participation of local residents, 
volunteers, staff, and board members. 
Perhaps you've been thinking about 'giving back' to your community
and there are lots of ways to do so.


Share Your Skills: Be a "special guest instructor."


Volunteer for a Program or at an Event


Become a Sponsor of any number of things

Teach the camp kids how to play marbles, ride a bike, sew on a button or change a tire.

Teach adults how to grow food and preserve it, and cook it!

Start a Cribbage Club, a Book or Bird- Watching Club, a Knitting Circle or a Writing Group.

LIke to bake pizza in a wood-fired oven, or want to learn?

The 30th Anniversary of the Jig in the Valley is coming up! Be part of it! Join over 50 volunteers to make it all happen!

The Fairfield Food Shelf needs you! Food pick-up in Enosburg or other locations. Distribution on Tuesdays and Fridays. Help with  Thanksgiving Baskets. 

Bottle drop pick-up at Stones, and transport to Lake Street Beverage in St. Albans. 

Where do your interests lie?

  • Sponsor the festivities at The 2022 Jig in the Valley!


  • Be a sustaining member of the Community Center with automatic monthly donations. Easy-peasy.


  • Sponsor a deserving child at summer or vacation camp.

counselor and kids.jpg

Serve as a Board Member

Summer Counseling Staff

To find out more about
any of these exciting 
opportunities, please call Julie in the office at